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Guadalupe Social Services of Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice, Inc. has served the rural community of Immokalee for more than 40 years. Immokalee has long been a region of poor migrant workers. Half of the population lives at or below the poverty level. Over the years, more families have chosen to make Immokalee their permanent home and work in low-income jobs such as landscaping, the hospitality industry, and restaurant work along with work in the fields and at the packing houses. There is an extreme culture of poverty that exists in the town of Immokalee.

Guadalupe Social Services aims to alleviate the suffering in Immokalee with compassion, integrity, and empathy. By empowering the people through assistance provided to them, the main goals are to ensure human dignity and enhance the quality of life for all individuals served. Guadalupe Social Services focuses on offering the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and household items, stability, and education.


Direct Assistance
In order to prevent homelessness, financial aid is available to qualified individuals and families living in Immokalee. A client experiencing a crisis situation can receive assistance for utilities or rent.

Casa Maria Soup Kitchen
With the help of volunteers from area churches, synagogues, civic and social organizations, Catholic Charities provides free hot lunches for homeless individuals and migrant workers Monday through Friday at the Casa Maria Soup Kitchen.

Food Pantry
As a certified USDA food pantry location, Guadalupe Social Services has developed a list of staples for the migrant worker population. Approximately half of the food items for the pantry are supplied from the Harry Chapin Food Bank along with regular donations from churches, youth groups, civic and social organizations. Once a month, qualified individuals can receive a bag or two of food depending on the number of family members in their residence.

Pantry on Wheels Program
Pantry on Wheels Program reaches out to homebound families and individuals who cannot directly access our services with food delivered to them.

Clothing Room and Shower Program – Temporarily not in Service
The Clothing Room is open to anyone in the community to shop once a month from items that have been donated to Guadalupe Social Services. The Shower Program serves the chronically homeless or individuals living in substandard housing. Clients receive a change of clothes, hygiene products, a towel, and access to clean showers.

Immigration Services – Temporarily not in Service
Certified immigration services are offered to help immigrants achieve self-sufficiency and stability in the United States through assistance with family reunification, employment authorization, legal permanent residency, citizenship, and other services.

English School – Temporarily not in Service
Guadalupe Social Services provides English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to needy mothers and their children. Classes are free of charge and the mothers and their children are provided with a nurturing and safe environment in which to learn.

Holiday Food Distribution
During Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holidays, hundreds of low-income families are given special food items.

Crib and Stroller Program
Portable cribs are provided to families to ensure newborn children have a safe place to sleep. Strollers also are distributed so parents can transport their children around town without harm.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are the backbone of Guadalupe Social Services. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to support the small staff in providing the programs and services available at this Catholic Charities location.

• Food Pantry Volunteers
• Holiday Food Distribution Volunteers
• Monthly Mailing Volunteers
• Fundraising Volunteers

Monetary donations, as well as donations of nonperishable food, are always needed at Guadalupe Social Services. Seasonal donations are necessary for Back to School items, and Thanksgiving and Christmas food distributions.


Providing Help. Creating Hope. Serving All.
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