About Us


Our Mission: In devotion and adherence to the teachings of Jesus and the Catholic Church, we seek to serve and empower ALL in need regardless of race, nationality, or religion.
Our Vision: Inspired by the presence of God in our midst, we will become the provider of solace, support, and sustenance to ALL who seek our help.
Our Values: Compassion, integrity, and empathy in the service and treatment of clients and employees. Effectiveness and efficiency in the fight against social injustices and oppression in all its forms. Recognition of the dignity and worth of each individual.



After Most Reverend John J. Nevins was appointed the first Bishop of the Diocese of Venice in Florida in 1984, attention turned to forming a Catholic Charities organization. The boundaries of an agency generally follow those of a diocese. Therefore, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice, Inc. was established to cover the ten counties of Manatee, Hardee, Highland, DeSoto, Lee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Collier, Hendry, and Glades. Documents were filed with the Secretary of State on December 18, 1984, less than two months after the diocese was established.

2000 era

When the Diocese of Venice was established, there was already a significant social ministry initiative underway in Naples. Catholic Social Services of Collier County had a  longstanding, dedicated team and a well-governed structure with an active board of directors. The board consisted of local citizens who embraced an ecumenical approach and were deeply connected to the community. The dynamic social ministry program in Collier County served as a catalyst for the expansion of Catholic Charities throughout the diocese in the early 2000's. Arthur Granzier, an administrator from Miami's Catholic Charities, was entrusted with overseeing the Naples agency. Recognizing his expertise, Bishop Nevins appointed Granzier as the inaugural executive director of the newly formed Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice, Inc.

current milestones

In recent years, the Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice has experienced a remarkable expansion, marked by its robust disaster response efforts after Ian and the tremendous growth of its mission and impact. With a renewed focus on our mission and impact, as well as disaster preparedness and response, the organization has been able to assist a greater number of individuals and communities over the past several years. The diocese has witnessed a substantial increase in the number of people served, as well as the overall impact of their programs and initiatives. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the community, Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice has emerged as a leading force in providing essential support and assistance to those in need.


Catholic Charities USA is the national office for over 1,700 Catholic Charities agencies and institutions nationwide. As a member of the national organization, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice, Inc. has adopted the national Code of Ethics. View the Code of Ethics.  To learn more about Catholic Charities USA visit www.catholiccharitiesusa.org.