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Welcome to the Boca Grande Preschool, a nurturing and educational haven for preschool-aged children in beautiful Boca Grande. Situated on the serene campus of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, our preschool is dedicated to providing exceptional early education and childcare services for families residing or working on Gasparilla Island. As a nonprofit facility, we prioritize inclusivity and welcome children of all faiths with open arms. Our commitment to providing a high-quality learning environment is made possible through the generous support of Island residents and family foundations. We cater to children aged 1 to 5, offering a comprehensive preschool curriculum that stimulates intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Our dedicated team of educators fosters a warm and engaging atmosphere, ensuring that every child receives individual attention and personalized care. At the Boca Grande Preschool, we believe that early childhood is a critical time for development, and we are honored to be a part of each child's journey. Join us as we create a foundation for lifelong learning, instilling a love of education and nurturing young minds to reach their full potential.

Program Overview


The Boca Grande Preschool is a program of Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice, Inc. that provides “Early Education for Island Kids”! Located on the campus of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, the Boca Grande Preschool provides high quality education and nurturing childcare children ages 1-5 whose parents work or live on Gasparilla Island. BGP is a nonprofit, nondiscriminatory facility that is open to children of all faiths. The preschool offers high-quality early childhood education and childcare services through the generous support of Island residents and family foundations

Address of Program: 250 Park Ave, Boca Grande, FL 33921

Main phone line for program: (941) 964-2885

Main email contact for program:

Translation available at this location: N/A

HOURS OPEN: 7:30-5:30 M-F

WHO IS ELIGIBLE (include location if applicable): Children ages 12 Months to 5 years (prior to Kindergarten).Families must live or work on Gasparilla


  • Link to enrollment/waitlist app is on website. (
  • Call 941-964-2885 and ask for enrollment / waitlist app to be emailed.
  • Stop by 250 Park Ave.

ITEMS NEEDED at intake (ie: id card, etc): Enrollment Application, Island Employment Verification, FL School Entry Health Exam, Florida Certification of Immunizations, All About Me (child) survey

Success Story

"Scott enrolled in our program and was identified as having special needs by Child Find. Staff have worked with Child Find to develop individualized tools and strategies to help him be more successful in the classroom. He has begun to make progress using sign language and picture cues to express his needs and is doing very well in his classroom environment."

30 Children Provided Childcare and Early Education

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250 Park Ave, Boca Grande, FL 33921