Helping those with disabilities 


Our SOAR (Supporting Opportunities, Abilities, and Resilience) Disability Program is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities to reach new heights and overcome obstacles. Our program provides comprehensive support and resources tailored to the unique needs of each participant, fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment. Through a combination of specialized education, therapeutic interventions, and personalized care, we aim to enhance independence, promote self-advocacy, and improve overall quality of life. Our team works closely with participants, their families, and the community to ensure holistic development and create a positive impact. 


Program Overview


Address of Program: 4235 Michigan Link Ave, Fort Myers, FL

Main phone line for program: (239) 334-4007 x2104 (x2107 for Spanish)

Translation available at this location: Spanish 


WHO IS ELIGIBLE (include location if applicable): Anyone with a disability

HOW TO ACCESS SERVICE/Intake: Call main phone to set up an appointment 

ITEMS NEEDED at intake (ie: id card, etc): Based off needs and determined when scheduling appointment.


Assisting people in applying for Social Security benefits is not an easy task. Case managers must coordinate meetings, calls, forms, and additional resources for most of the clients. Coordinating and receiving answers from the local Social Security office is not easy either. There are no “special” or “shortcut” ways to ask for guidance or assistance. Added to that, most of the clients for the Supportive Services program are limited in basic needs such as: water, food, cellphones, and a place to rest. Such is the case of one of our most recent clients, “Alex.” He was referred by Catholic Charities Rapid Re-Housing program’s case manager, Celeste. Celeste did not have much information, but she was able to provide Alex’s Human and Veteran Services (HVS) case manager as his contact.

At first, Supportive Services Case Manager Karla tried to find Alex by searching one of the places he visits the most in Lehigh Acres, which is the United Way House. Alex frequents that area for services and food. After an unsuccessful search at the United Way House and the surrounding area, Alex’s HVS case manager contacted Karla via email and arranged a three-person meeting for the next day. Karla spoke to Alex and began to understand a little more of his situation. Karla was given a secondary contact for Alex; a family member that lives close to that area. Between Karla and the HVS case manager, Alex got an appointment with Social Security to inquire about benefits.

Karla and Alex spoke to Social Security, and Alex was awarded over a thousand dollars of retirement after only a month into the Supportive Services program. Both parties will continue to work on further forms to get his disability approved, which will give him an additional three hundred dollars in benefits. After the successful encounter, Alex seemed motivated to continue working with Karla to get his disability approved. That way, he can afford a place to live and receive necessary medical assistance.

124 individuals assisted annually



(239) 334-4007 x 2104


4235 Michigan Link Ave, Fort Myers, FL