Black History Month

Black History Month

Each February, we celebrate Black History Month, but the reason why always seems to be unclear to those who haven’t had the same opportunities to learn about it as others.

Black History Month honors the achievements of African Americans who struggled to gain freedom and the same opportunities. Black History Month started in 1926, only has a celebratory week rather than the whole month (which was later decided in 1976). February was chosen to be Black History Month because it was the month that President Lincoln and Frederick Douglass had birthdays. Two big names who wanted to end slavery.

This month is a month of celebration of Black lives and Black stories. When it comes to pioneers in African American history, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, and Muhammad Ali are often mentioned—and rightfully so. But there are so many others that have influenced civil rights, politics, the arts, religion, and beyond.

This month, take the time to learn about Black History, the meaning behind the month, and the influence African Americans have made in our culture.

At Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice, we keep ourselves aware and, we seek to serve and empower ALL in need regardless of race, nationality, or creed.