Mental Health Counseling Helps Student Excel

James is a 16-year-old honors student who became housebound and had to stop his normal activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
During this time, James started to experience anxiety and have panic attacks. Additionally, he felt “out of control” and was having difficulty sleeping. His behavior started to impact his surroundings. He began yelling at people and having conflicts with family and friends.
James started tele-mental health therapy with Catholic Charities to help him during this time. His therapist used techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation, and breathing exercises to help James reduce his anxiety levels.
During his video sessions, James was able to demonstrate an increasing ability to manage his anxiety and resume his excellent school performance.
When James graduated from therapy, his anxiety levels were low, and he was able to think more adaptatively. James was also back to normal sleep patterns and had eliminated conflict with his family.
Recently, James took a college entrance exam. While using the tools he learned in therapy, James was able to decrease his anxiety. During the test, he was able to focus, and he tested well. James continues to study and work at a part-time job. He’s saving money to buy a car and wants to apply for college in New York.
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