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Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice, Inc. has been providing Refugee Resettlement services in Southwest Florida since 1988. Refugees who are in fear of persecution or severe penalties due to race, membership in a social group, religion, nationality, ethnicity, or political opinions can find assistance from Catholic Charities resettling into a new life in the United States. Refugees enter the United States with only the clothing on their backs and what they can carry in their suitcase. They come to America to reunite with family members and enjoy the freedoms our Nation has to offer. Every year, several families are resettled in Southwest Florida from other countries around the world such as Ukraine and Russia. Services are sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and in partnership with Gulf Coast Jewish and Family Community Services.

Reception and Placement Program
The Reception and Placement Program provides assistance for refugees to resettle in the United States. Often refugees are reunited with family members already living in Southwest Florida. Catholic Charities administers refugees a one-time sum of cash to assist with rent, furnishings, food and clothing. Catholic Charities staff meets with refugees upon arrival to welcome them to their new home. Catholic Charities equips refugees with information on basic assimilation into the United States and offers assistance with documentation, appointments for physicals, enrollment in school, and job search.

Match Grant Employment Program
Match Grant is an employment program that empowers refugees with early job placement. Clients receive job counseling and placement, extensive case management and living assistance. The ultimate goal of the program is to support clients in becoming self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

How you can help!
Catholic Charities assists refugees with becoming self-sufficient as quickly as possible, but we cannot do it alone. Please consider a donation today!

  • Furniture
  • Household items
  • Gift certificates or cash
  • Car or bicycle
  • Your time


Providing Help. Creating Hope. Serving All.
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